Two Men Shot After Argument in Schuylkill County

PORT CARBON -- State police say two men were shot during an argument Friday night in Schuylkill County.

Authorities say it happened shortly after 6 p.m. Friday evening at a home on Spruce Street in Port Carbon.

Troopers said Alex Rosario, 22, of Port Carbon, and Kenneth Boyer, of Port Carbon, were arguing inside the home when Boyer fired a gun, hitting both Rosario and himself.

Investigators said Boyer was taken by ambulance to Lehigh Valley Medical Center with a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Rosario was flown to Hershey Medical Center. He is in stable condition.

State police are still investigating the incident.

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  • Larry Stokes

    Archie is locked up again and probably won’t be out for a little bit. He got drunk the other night and cocked off to the Duryea cops, needless to say they tuned him up and he landed in the Clark summit mental hospital for an evaluation.

      • Well then, there you go

        Easy to figure out. Besides this article, search for any articles where a gun was involved and find when that Parker guy got busted – do the math. Actually, when I think of what Archie of TomTom must look like, the Parker guy comes to mind. Him, or the guy they just busted for molesting the senior citizen.

  • Melissa

    This is so sad. The young man who was shot is a good kid, who takes care of his girlfriend AND the man that shot him… only one in the house that actually works, he’s far from a “troubled youth”. He has his life together and works hard. The troubled one is the older man who did the shooting and ended up shooting himself. Smh. I hope he gets more than the simple charge of aggravated assault I’ve been seeing on other news outlets.

    • hey now

      That’s too bad and so sad! Everyone trashes our youth today and many of them are actually trying to do the right things in life! It sickens me when i see and hear people my age acting like complete losers!

      • Melissa

        Yes, he is one of the young ones that is doing good for himself. He’s never been in trouble, has been working his butt off since he graduated and he’s a very, very respectful young man.

  • keystone cops

    Do you see the gut on that Trooper??? I thought these guys were suppose to keep a somewhat decent physical appearance. What a slob! I guess the physical appearance stipulation went right out the window with their morals and professionalism!

  • The Lookout

    Darn, these boys mustn’t have gotten free Starter jackets from one of our coat drives for disadvantaged youth. These drives have been known to turn around lives, enabling otherwise helpless losers to move away and make better lives for themselves. ….and then troll local news stations’ comment sections.