Church Group to Take Over Pocono Dome

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Township officials in the Poconos have decided what will happen with a controversial proposal to re-purpose a former athletic facility.

A church group wants to take over the Pocono Dome in Monroe County.

The zoning board says the church must meet several conditions including sewage disposal, fire and traffic safety, and off street parking.

The church now has thirty days to accept or appeal the conditions.

A representative from the church tells Newswatch 16 that members will go over the conditions with their lawyers, but are happy the board accepted their application.

Hamilton Township officials had nothing to say after their decision was made.

Many residents who attended the meeting say they do not want the church to move into the sporting complex near Sciota and plan to appeal the board's decision in favor of the church.

"Well, I think it was a very favorable decision. They approved the zoning change with conditions. We are satisfied and are happy to work with the city and we will discuss with our legal team the possibilities of the next step," John Power, World Mission Society Church of God, said.

"Everything, they should have looked at this. I don't think they should have made this decision. I feel the residents are going to appeal the decision," another resident said.

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