Middle Smithfield Township Collecting Memories

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Neatly placed in a leather briefcase, Ken Johns from Middle Smithfield Township has years of memories packed away -- books, calendars, pictures, and post cards.

He knows a lot about the township he has lived in for so many years.

"While we can preserve this information, sometimes this information is not always tangible, like a photograph, clothing, military memorabilia, a ribbon a medal, but it's verbal," said Johns.

Johns is one of the hundreds of residents helping Middle Smithfield Township officials collect memorabilia for its annual "Memory Makers" luncheon.

"Basically, we are asking for anything people have. This year our theme is Modes of Transportation, so we are encouraging memorabilia for that. I know we do have people bringing in things from the flood and basically, we are asking any resident who has been here for 20 to 30 years to come on in and bring their stuff," said Dana Hollinger, Community and Municipal Projects Asst.

Residents who have lived here for 30 plus years think it's very important that people bring in pictures so that anyone can look back on Middle Smithfield Township's history for years to come.

Bob Huffman is a member of the township's historical society.

"Pretty soon, it will all be gone and no one will know anything about it. Someone might want to sit back and look and now they will be able to see just what people have had and the memorabilia that was available at one time," said Huffman.

Memorabilia will be scanned and returned to owners during the luncheon on August 19 at Pocono Palace Resorts.

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