Susquehanna Trailways to Suspend Daily Bus Trips

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WILLIAMSPORT -- For decades, everyday passengers like Tammie Amberlavage could hop on a Susquehanna Trailways bus and head to just about any of the bigger cities in the state.

"Oh yeah, I mean this is how I got here because right now I don't have a car. I have vertigo so I can't really drive,” said Tammie Amberlavage.

Last week, Susquehanna Trailways posted a notice on its website. As of September 1, all scheduled service routes will be suspended. Charters and tours will continue, but it means the company will no longer offer daily trips to Elmira, Harrisburg, Easton, and Philadelphia.

"There's college students everywhere, Bloomsburg, here, Philadelphia," said Amberlavage.

Because so many people rely on the bus system to get to and from Philadelphia, Susquehanna Trailways plans to have two bus trips into the city every week, every Friday and Sunday.

"I don't know if it's lack of support, but it's not right," said Robert Lose.

According to the bus company, in the past, Susquehanna Trailways has been able to offer the routes because of state support through an inner-city bus program. Even with the grant this year, the company doesn't have enough money to support the daily bus trips.  It means for now, travelers may have to use another company and take a connecting trip from Wilkes-Barre.

"We got family members that use the Susquehanna Trailways. We got a lot of citizens here that don't have vehicles and I don't think it's right," said Lose.

Susquehanna Trailways also hopes to offer trips to Philadelphia during the holiday seasons. Those trips will only be available until another bus company can take over the routes.


  • Reason....

    This country is third world with respect to public transportation. There should 500 mph bullet trains between all our major cities (the technology exists) and fast electric rail to regional centers .

    • Hilary

      Thank you for the only pertinent response to this news story on this crisis. It’s a crisis. Representative Marino should be involved in this; elderly people whom the pundits here can’t peg as drug-runners are going to lose their ability to travel.

    • Why you so mad Pennsylvania

      I don’t use the bus anymore. I make so much money in NEPA I’m able to rent cars now

  • Frank Henry

    The most logical solution to this problem would be to make an early morning run from Billtown down to Lewisburg, Smokin Dam, Sunbury, Northumberland, Danville (Geisinger main & Woodbine), Bloom, Berwick,Shickshin (for meth) and West Nan (for a BBQ), to the Wilki-Barrio and connect with the fine new coaches of the Martz Bus Line to Philly, AC, NYC, Scranton and then have the ST bus layover for the day at the Native Sun Casino in Plains then make a return trip in the early evening taking into consideration the Martz and other connections.

    • Hilary

      Hope you’re really really REALLY sure your Audi next to your Lexus next to your Volvo next to your Bugatti always stay brand new, and you never have to use public transportation. You should be ashamed of yourself. Not all poor people who rely on public transportation are drug addicts, pushers, or criminals. Don’t trash Northeastern/NorthCentral/Central PA.

      • Bill Gates

        Many people worked hard paid for a higher education, started a business, employ the dregs of society and pay taxes quarterly so you can get a reup of your food stamps tomorrow.

      • Hilary

        You’re sad. Yours really is a sad, sad mind. You pick names of millionaires who’d find the very concept of you repulsive, with your racism and hatred of the poor. Bill Gates wouldn’t spit on anyone who comes online to make filthy racist comments and ridicule the elderly and poor. God have mercy on your soul, because He probably is the only one who can tolerate you.

    • Hilary

      Do you live anywhere within fifty miles of the affected area? Have you ever taken a Susquehanna Trailways bus? God is watching: be honest. Do you live in the affected area, and have you ever ridden a S.T. bus?

  • pot smoker

    The Govt. was paying for a money losing route , Why isn’t this understandable to the masses . Apparently the Philly drug runners must rent cars or “work” weekends now , more hardships without Obama I guess.

    • Hilary

      Wait– You’re “Pot Smoker” and complain about drug-runners? What types of people do you think lured the drug-runners to Billtown in the late 70’s?

      • Hilary

        And why did Williamsport *need* drug rehabs in that era? I partied hearty without drugs or weed at the former Penn College of Technology. Attended Penn State. It was a well-known fact in that era that Penn State, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Bloomsburg came to Williamsport for their drugs–white as snow Williamsport. So it seems that white people, not inner-city newcomers, were responsible at the inception for all those rehabs.

    • Hilary

      Are you from or do you currently live in North Central PA? If (god forbid) a “flatlander” from “Philly” boards this route, the route for DECADES has been used by Lycoming/Tioga county natives. Since we all know this thread is turning into some race issue, see how many non-driving pale grammas and poor pale single parents and equally pale-but-carless people ride this bus. WNEP has an obligation to step in and do an investigation for their sakes and to put the issue of a bus being turned into fodder for racism.

  • Hilary

    This is awful! A real emergency has been created in Lycoming/Tioga counties. The Endless Mountains Transportation Authority (EMTA) is maybe the best rural public transportation system in NEPA, but it stops at the NY border and does not service Williamsport or Lycoming County. I hope WNEP keeps this story front and center, because the loss of Susquehanna Trailways will disrupt lives of many many central Pennsylvanians of modest means.

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