Police Investigating Two Bank Robberies in the Poconos

STROUDSBURG -- Police are investigating two bank robberies within a few hours of each other in the Poconos.

Police were called to First National Bank near Tannersville around noon Monday. The robber showed a gun and got away with some money.

On Tuesday, investigators released security camera images.

Then just after 4 p.m., someone robbed Citizens Bank on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

Police said they do not believe the two robberies in Monroe County are connected.


  • RicU.

    Before we get into guns and Second Amendment, if the BAD GUYS are wearing hoodies and sunglasses, shouldn’t that be a cause to hit the silent alarm? I put 3 years in at a bank and have seen preemptive security reactions save the day. A sign requiring people to “REMOVE their hats and hoods, PLEASE!” might be in order. Forcing people to remove sunglasses is not an option. I need mine to see.

  • gwilkers

    The Poconos and the coal region are the new sanctuary city for thugs and criminals from Newark, Jersey City and NYC.

  • Archie Beal

    Again a gun involved….ban and confiscate the firearms….solve the problem…todays society ruined it for everyone. It is time for the government to take total control. Society needs it…because the way it is going definitely is not working and only getting worse by the day

    • RicU.

      They banned and confiscated licensed hand guns in the U.K. GUESS WHAT!! Now the Police there have to have guns where they never did. They police now have to be continuously trained and certified in firearm proficiency, at the people’s expense. AND, no surprise, ONLY THE BAD guy have guns.

      Reference the mass murder in London a couple of months ago.

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