Two Shot in Hazleton, Suspect in Custody

HAZLETON -- Two men were shot in Hazleton early Sunday morning.

Police were called to the area of Wyoming and Green Streets just before 2 a.m.

Officers found two men had been shot. The victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.

Less than two hours later, police took Juan Umpierre-Melendez, 32, of Hazleton, into custody and charged him with aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangering.

Police have not said what led up to the shooting. The incident is still under investigation.


  • Show me the money

    This might be a nice place for North Korea to try their weapons of mass destruction…although I’m sure a few of these slugs will survive

  • Hecter the maleactor

    Cavities are on the rise in Hazleton. A great way to help them fight dental disease is to start a water fluoridation program. Lots and lots of Fluoride. Pumped directly into their waterworks. Worked great in the Russian gulags in the 1930’s.

  • Hecter cor butt

    “We simply cannot charge these violent brown people appropriately. To do so would be racist. Plus, throwing the book at them might take them off the streets for a longer time period, and we need them out of the slammer and out there shooting other brown criminals as soon as possible. We prefer to let them eat each other as they do in Chicago, Baltimore, etc”. Lucerne County DA


    Some of these comments are very offensive. Look, criminals are criminals. It doesn’t matter what the ethnic background is. We need to work together to help make our communities better. I welcome the new people with open arms. We just need to see the good in all.

    • seen it all

      I doubt your intelligence , Here is an ethnic group which runs a criminal culture in our country , The failure is with the parents of this scum and all you can do is fall victim if you open yourself , your home or pockets to these lowlifes . You need to understand – they don’t care one bit .

    • Lloyd "the one and only" Schmucatelli

      Obviously not the normal llllloyd everyone’s come to know and love. Most likely a jealous snowflake I completely owned in a previous thread.


        Nice! So, pick your issue cupcake. You going after me or are you wanting to have an intelligent discussion as you liberals say you do. Go ahead, steal my identity but the real Lloyd will continue to post the truth which you obviously are afraid to face because of your bleeding heart. And I am the “one and only” which you think you can use to mask who you are. Have at it snoflake! What is in going to be, white oppression? Insensitivity? Give me a break.


        You might want to get the name right and spell it correctly next time. Think you can present your liberal fake news so-called arguments here and fake being me. You must be jealous snoflake if you are always trying to be me. Let’s see your response to this and I will smash your arguments over and over again.

  • Liberal stupidity is frightening

    Did the scumbag lib media ask this thing how he feels about President Trump’s new immigation policy? I bet not!

  • Archie Beal

    Bottom line is all firearms need to be collected and destroyed just like England…firearms are the root of the problem and the members of society do not deserve the right or privilege to posses firearms what so ever. Confiscate and destroy all of them…not one of you idiots can provide a logical or valid explanation as to why a common person in society should possess a weapon such as an AR-15…you know why? There is none. These guns bar far need to go unless you are law enforcement or military personnel. They serve no purpose in society other than for killing. You people don’t like it…too bad

    • JP

      Archie,grow up. You will think twice if law abiding citizens didn’t have a gun for protection and the scum bag who has one is pointing it at your head wanting the ten bucks in your pocket. You’d cry “why didn’t anyone help me”.

    • Heater cor butt

      Yes! Ban guns, knives, forks, draino, anything pointy. No border wall. Mr Corbitt taught me that loving and accepting brown criminals will help them to integrate more fully. When they get violent it’s white people’s fault anyway. Screw whitey. Go Hillary! Lol

    • go away

      The only thing that exceeds your stupidy is your ignorance. England did not ‘collect and destroy all firearms’ you goof. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in time in jolly old England, and many of them enjoy firearms ownership. It is difficult to obtain a handgun, even more so a permit to carry a handgun, but many have long guns such as rifles and shotguns – something you say there’s no valid reason to have so there goes your arguement. The fact of the matter is, you and and your sickening bloviations will be long in the grave and the Second Amendment will endure as our founding fathers meant it to be. Just shut up already and go away.

    • Archie is a jughead

      I have an AR-15 for two very good reasons: #1 – I have the right to based on the Second Amendment, #2 – It bothers the hell out of people like you. Oh yeah, I’ve got several thousands of rounds of ammo too. AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

  • In a galaxy far far away

    Another outstanding immigrant! Why not 2 charges of attempted murder? Or would that be racist? I am sure he bought his gun legally and has a permit! Let’s ban illegal guns…..oh yeh, we already do! Such an effective law! How about a firing squad for people who commit crimes with illegal firearms?

  • Archie Beal

    This would not happen if all firearms were permanently banned from the common citizens. Needs to happen. You blow jobs always say we need firearms to protect ourselves from the criminal . I haven’t seen or read one instance where that has happened. Ban the firearms, law enforcement and military only and revamp this archaic and outdated constitution to suit the present times…you don’t see problems of this magnitude where government isn’t so liberal and takes control. It is out of hand already the way society behaves

    • go away

      You must not read much or get out much. But then again, based on all your commentary – I can see why. “I haven’t seen or read one instance where that has happened.” Check out the WTAE web site, seach for ‘man shot – South Huntingdon Township.’ After that go to nbcphiladelphia dot com, search for ‘man shoots robber armed with knife’. I could post links for you all day but I’ve got work to do. Try to look those up between your downloads of kiddie porn and posting more of your licentious drivel.

  • Eddie

    Another gangster type that Steve Korbitt said didn’t exist in Luzerne County or anywhere for that matter. Let’s have another multiculturalism rally and see if that works. Or maybe bigger assistance checks each month for doing nothing.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well Snoflake, I’ll let you take the first swing at this story.

    Go ahead. Need help?

    Under privileged? White oppression? Inequality?
    Unfair economic opportunities?

    Have at it.


      There you are! Coming back for more, huh? You are learning the terms real well! Actually this one is about gun control stupid Dago! Schmuck is a great name for you! Come on, get the issues right!!! Next one after gun control is birth control which would have helped in your case.

    • Joanne

      This is my first time leaving any comments on “16’s” website. Lloyd, realize this is not in reply to your comment, just tryin to get my opinion out there… This really, really pisses me off more than i can say. WHY… is this punk not charged with 2 counts of attempted MURDER???????????? I don’t care what the heck ( dont know if you’re allowed to say hell on these posts???) his name or ethnicity is……… these punks steal guns to murder USA citizens and our LAW ABIDING US citizens are NOT even gonna be allowed to own one legally to defend our lives, families, homes etc…These punks KILL cause they are COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!! Too scared to duke it out , like decent folks would!!! Hey punks— ever heard of Mohammad Ali ????????????????? I am 60 years old, and have raised 3 sons here locally. They are: 33, 32 and 28. I raised them alone. They took hunters safety courses, I took them to the ranges to target shoot, taught them to fish in rivers n lakes, etc. They respect their right to bear arms. My point in ALL OF THIS (sorry, so long) … is to say to this coward and EVERY OTHER ONE IN THIS (US) COUNTRY… My youngest, enlisted in the US ARMY at the age of 20. He served his country proudly! He did a 1 year tour in Iraq to defend our citizens!!! Along with 10’s, and 100’s of thousands of our “hometown boys” many that never returned to their families.( God bless them ALL) My son suffered a major heart attack at the age of 24. He now carries a device in his chest to help keep him alive. Still he serves in the reserves for the past 3 yrs. So Mr President, might i suggest this to you??? You, as commander and chief of our military, Should impose a mandatory DRAFT of every single punk who dares to shoot and kill in this country, but with only “1” stipulation. The minute he is in custody of the Police, you slap a military uniform on him, along with a parachute and the gun he used to shoot our own. Dump his AS* over iraq, Afghanistan, you pick, and see what a big shot coward he is then. I’m sure there are MANY a military mom that would love the pleasure of booting him off the plane!!! Ok, the end…..


        I understand you are angry but we need to remember what our grandparents generation did in the face of an uncertain world. If we give in to fear it turns into anger and then we do things we later regret and then the 9/11 terrorist will have won. They want us to lash out and become them. It is a zero sum game and will lead to total destruction. I am starting today with myself. Please join me. We don’t have to stoop to the lowest levels in order to change this.l

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