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Restaurant Theft Caught on Camera

SCRANTON -- A restaurant in downtown Scranton is getting some attention for a video it posted of customers behaving badly.

On Wednesday, managers at Osaka on Adams Avenue posted security video of a customer grabbing a backpack belonging to a busboy. The backpack contained hundreds of dollars worth of electronic gadgets.

The video has racked up thousands of views online.

"The lady I have seen a couple times, the gentleman I didn't," manager Cindy Chu said of the people in the video.

The man and his date paid their check with cash.

Nobody noticed at the time. The busboy clocked out and went to pick up his backpack and saw it was gone.

Management at the restaurant gave the video to the Scranton Police Department, but even if the couple is never caught, Chu hopes the images will have an impact.

"The idea is so that it won't happen again, and they can't say it was the first time for the next time they do it," Chu said.

"I cannot believe people are so heartless. That could be someone who is working like 80 hours and has all their money in there. I don't know how people live with themselves like that," said Lauren Walega of Throop.

"I wish I could say I was really surprised but I think it's happening more and more these days," said Morgan Mayenschein of Scranton.

Police are investigating the theft.


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