Ride Generator Catches Fire at Wayne County Fair

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  • Mike

    Who’s surprised? The whole damn ride company is foreigners that don’t speak English and Wayne county keeps bringing them back. You get what you pay for.

  • Cheese

    County fairs, air shows and amusement parks will never get my money. They’re just too dangerous. They should be held to the highest safety standards and provide proper training for employees instead of just picking up any old riffraff they find along the way.


      Very funny snoflake! OK, so let’s go with your 3rd grade humor like your liberal scumbag friends. You think you can still steal my identity then bait me to report each comment so that I will look bad in front of my followers who love me. I look forward to smashing your arguments and all will know who the real llllllLoyd is.

    • chuck yeager

      I agree, it’s about time those air shows get some quality people in there. The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have been sketchy since day one. We appreciate you staying away from those places, Mayor McCheese. Much better without you.

  • Sol Rossenburg

    I’m not surprised these cheaP ass rides that never get service or whatnot ! Maybe take some of the increase $$ from the entrance An spend some to fix it or least check it over !!

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