Major Project Coming To I-80 In Poconos

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MONROE COUNTY -- The work is slated to start Monday on Interstate 80 east from Exit 284, Route 115 to Exit 293, the junction with 380. The highway will be down to one lane 24 hours a day.

That will continue until the end of this year.

"I think it's going to cause a lot of stress and aggravation for everybody who lives in that area. People traveling east are going to have major backups in the morning and in the afternoon,” said Julius Little Jr of East Stroudsburg.

The lane restriction will only be lifted on busy holiday weekends.

Tough news for one man who visits his daughter and grandson in the Poconos.

"It's going to be a hassle. It's going to slow me down, it's going to more or less. I'm going to lose time with my family. It may stop me from coming up as often,” said John Steczak who lives in the Philadelphia area.

The work on Interstate 80 includes milling, concrete patching, sealing, paving and new pavement markings.

More than 10-thousand vehicles travel that stretch of I-80 east every day.

"It's good that they're improving it because when I'm driving my car and I'm hitting potholes, I'm sure it's not very good for the car,” said Paul Van Meerbeke of the Reeders area.

Some drivers we spoke with say they will consider alternate routes to Interstate 80.

Others say there's just no avoiding it.

“It seems like most alternate routes are gonna take me a good 45 minutes plus longer to get back and forth so you're talking about an hour and a half, two hours extra time,” said Steczak.

That same stretch of Interstate 80 westbound will be down to one lane starting next year and last through the end of the project in September 2018.


  • bobby big rigger

    I enjoy the traffic delays. I’m a truck driver but I don’t get paid by the mile. I get paid by the hour. Easy money. I just sit in my seat and post comments on Channel16 all day long! Love it!

  • Lance

    Hey penndot you do realize that along side on 611 is another screwed up road project. Where are people supposed to go? What we need is some george jetson cars.

  • moooochella

    Major Project Coming To I-80 In Poconos……………………
    Thanks Pdot, once again the people of the Hazleton area get screwed by Pdot…..we have been waiting decades for a direct exit into the Humboldt Ind. park off of 81N/S…with the increased truck traffic its become a nightmare driving down 924, and the road is getting ruined…….but hey thanks you put down some tar, and stone chip, which one found its way to my windshield the other day and cracked it…whoever invented tar and stone chips on the road needs their freaking heads check….

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