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Son Accused of Theft of Benefits from Deceased Mother

EAST STROUDSBURG — A man who lived in the Poconos is accused of stealing Social Security benefits meant for his mother for a year after her death.

Steven Caravella, 28, formerly of East Stroudsburg, was arrested in Ohio last week.

Authorities said Caravella used a government-issued debit card to get his mother’s social security benefits for about one year after her death. Caravella allegedly took about $7,762 in benefits between August 2012 and July 2013.


  • zip tie

    It only took 4 years to nab him. That’s awesome! Now taxpayers can pay for court costs, lawyer fees and jail time. Yes, it’s a good deal all the way around and cost effective.

  • Jake Smule

    If it is a debit card it is an EBT card not social security. Social Security is a direct deposit in the bank.

  • tomtom

    What is wrong with all the mango snappers in our area? I expect it from the Irish and Polocks, but c’mon man.

  • Jody

    Garnish Steven Caravella’s pay check until he pays back social security in full & he should definitely do jail time!!

      • Joe

        How doesn’t the government not know when someone is dead but welfare knows when someone is in jail… something wrong with that there.
        Also was a long time ago maybe the kid was on drugs and is better now. Never know.

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