Bike Track Taking Shape

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A new bike track in the Poconos is taking shape and is expected to be ready for riders to use this fall.

It's taking a lot of dump trucks and dirt, but the new attraction in the Poconos will soon be ready for bicyclists to use.

A family bike park is being built at River's Edge Park in Smithfield Township.

"I think it's great. I think it's important because we need something so we don't have to go so far. It's nice to come here and do something a little different," said Susan Vandervliet of Bushkill.

The bike park will also have what is called a "pump track" for children 12 and under.

A pump track is essentially piles of dirt that bicyclists ride over using a pumping motion instead of pedaling motion.

"They need stuff for the kids to do. I think it's going to be great," Vandervliet added.

The pump track is scheduled to be complete by September. People who use this park believe it will be a nice addition and something different for people to use while they are here.

"I've got a bunch of kids in my youth group that are really interested in outdoor sports, skateboarding, and BMX. I have a couple guys that do a lot of downhill stuff in this area so a lot are involved in outdoor activities, so it's really nice there will be a new park here. It's pretty cool," said Andrew Little of Mount Bethel.

Little brings campers from Mount Bethel Church to this part of the Poconos often. He says it's nice to see the township making positive changes for people who use the park.

"It's helping out the community, providing places for families, youth groups like ours to go, and different organizations to do something fun outdoors. It's great."

The pump track is a joint project being done by both Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Townships.

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