Teen Charged in Deadly Stabbing Ruled Incompetent

WILKES-BARRE -- A teenager charged with a deadly stabbing has been found incompetent to stand trial in Luzerne County.

Zach Hockenberry is accused of barging into a home on Orchard Street in the Trucksville section of Kingston Township last year and stabbing a father, mother, and daughter. The father was killed.

At the time, Hockenberry was 14 years old.

A judge ordered Hockenberry to get psychiatric treatment in a state-run facility for six weeks. After that, his competency status will be reevaluated.


  • Lance

    Peiplw that stab or shoot anybody isn’t all right to begin with. So using that logic the prison should be emptied and every inmate sent to a mental hospital. Stupid!

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