Flash Flood Watches in Effect

Former PSU Officials Report to Prison

BELLEFONTE -- Two former high ranking Penn State officials reported to prison Saturday.

Officials at the Centre County prison say Tim Curley and Gary Schultz began serving their sentences for their involvement in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

Schultz will do two months behind bars before serving the rest of his time on house arrest.

Curley has a similar arrangement but must serve three months in prison before his house arrest begins.

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  • Boof

    I like going to Roman’s in Frackville to watch the Penn State games. Its usually not crowded cause the town folk spent all their money yhe night before at the high school game.

  • Longgreysocks

    Mister Spanier Was my personal favorite . He ran a tight ship at Penn state over the years. Really clean institute up there. Are they putting him up Sci Frackville? If so I wonder if they have visitation hours up there? That prison is within walking distance.

  • Huggy

    Turn the Frackville Mall into a sex criminal lock up. PA has tons of pedos and sex deviants. Frackville actually has them roaming the streets I’ve heard. Slam-slam fappers.

  • El Ma

    Gee, the harshest sentence is a grueling 3 months before house arrest commences. Oh, my. That’s going to send a message to ALL people who look the other way, enable a predator, and present depraved indifference. Yep.

    Absolutely incomprehensible. While these jokers are sipping their apple-tinis on their custom patios that the taxpayers helped install in their taxpayer-based homes, Sandusky’s victims are forever altered. Incomprehensible.

  • Sheesh

    What a sick end to a sick story. And a sick institution that looked the other way for the sake of football! Penn state should be abolished! RIP JOEPA. AKA Hells head football coach

    • Apsugrad

      Do you even know any of the facts, or lack thereof? This story was yellow journalism from the beginning. The real travesty is that Mike McQueary entered a locker room , claimed he saw something and had a total number of fallacious accounts (later) that numbered around five or six, a victim that came out and said nothing happened in the locker room and still received payments from a laughable PSU Board of Trustees… Then a McQueary who went to his father and a physician (after he didn’t intervene or call the police) agree the best thing to do is talk a half %#*ed story to Joe Paterno, who in turn did exactly what the law required of him, and report it to people in authority. Curley and Schultz were supposed to do what with no victim? They notified Sandusky’s nonprofit (the Second Mile) and banned Js from bringing kids onto campus ever again. That doesn’t sound like they did nothing. Remove your head from your butt and know your facts. JS was a retired football coach given access to campus by the PSU Board of Trustees. That you or anyone attempts to make the story about Paterno or the football program at Penn State is complete nonsense.

  • RicU.

    How long was each sentence? House arrest? I would like to know more about each. This is a one line which needs the entire chapter. Can we know what is on the other side of the faxed in message? Pretty please