Driver Killed in Head-on Crash in Susquehanna County

HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- A driver has died after a head-on crash Friday morning in Susquehanna County.

David Calla, 25, of Hallstead, was killed when he collided head-on with another car on Route 11 in Harford Township after 6 a.m. Friday, according to state police.

The driver of the other car -- Kyle Mortimer, 21, of Tunkhannock -- was injured and taken to a hospital.

Troopers are investigating the cause of the crash.

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      • El Ma

        I always get kind of a kick out of comments like this – “I just scroll past whatever I don’t want to read (see, etc.).” Well…….the image is one of the first things on the home page and I wonder if the surviving victim and the family and loved ones of both victims will be able to follow the example, “If there’s something I don’t want to see, I usually don’t look at it…” Not all that easy when one loses someone dear to them in such a horrific event. One only needs an imagination to create a nightmare in their heads, and keeping this image up for days is irresponsible, in my most humble opinion, and of the utmost insensitivity.

        I “get it” that news has to be sensationalized or nobody would pay any attention. But, this sort of goes beyond the pale.

    • Supporter of America

      May not be unprofessional, as pictures are often taken to document the scene prior to things being moved by all the people responding and that investigators will later use to try to determine what happened. MIght be hard to see but responders have to deal with things in a different way.

  • El Ma

    What a sad, sad and horrific scene. No need to have such devastating graphics accompany this report – I cannot imagine what the families and loved ones of both victims must feel seeing such destruction. God bless them.