Area Police “Arrest” Man, Aid in Proposal in Luzerne County

DURYEA -- For one man in Luzerne County, thanks to the Duryea Police, he just got a life sentence...willingly!

Yes, you read that right...and some might say it was a crime of passion.

Thanks to some ingenious planning -- and a little assistance from Chief Lohman, Officer Swisher, and Officer Dunn -- Mike Stacey's arrest brought him to his knee!

Stacey plotted with the personnel from the Duryea Police Department and set up a staged arrest at the Germania Hose Company, where Stacey was frisked, read his rights and patiently waited for his soon-to-be betrothed, Amanda Torres, to come out from their vehicle to witness the proposal.

DISCLAIMER: Unedited Facebook video contains a little "bad" language from a very shocked bride-to-be!

Best wishes and congratulations are in order for the couple -- and thanks to a little help from those men and women in uniform, the bride-to-be already has "something blue" checked off her list!


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