Three Drivers, Baby Injured in Plains Township Wreck

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Three drivers and a baby were injured when three vehicles collided in Luzerne County.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday on River Street in Plains.

Police say the driver of a white Infiniti was headed south when the vehicle sideswiped a van and then collided head-on with and Acura. There is no word on the conditions of the victims.

The driver of the Infiniti was taken to a hospital.

There is no word on the conditions of the other victims.



  • Splendid

    “Three Drivers and a Baby”

    I hope Hollywood execs aren’t reading this article or they’ll come away with another “Fast & Furious” spinoff idea.

    • Stephanie

      They are called ACCIDENTS for a reason! The driver was my mom and she had a seizure while driving . Think before you speak. Ps there was no baby, she was 6 and she is totally fine and unharmed.

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