Police Investigating Death in Moosic

MOOSIC -- UPDATE: The man killed has been identified by the coroner as Timothy Vair, 27, of Oneida, New York.

Investigators now know who the driver was who hit the man in Moosic and then took off. That driver, whose name hasn't been released, is now cooperating with police.

The 3500 block of Birney Avenue in Moosic became a crime scene around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Personal belongings including shoes and a bloody cell phone could be seen scattered several feet away from the victim. A few people passing by this sight during that time described it as downright troubling.

"'That's my first time ever seeing something like that, and then just for a person to be laying in the middle of the street....It's crazy...It's crazy," Johnny Lewis, Scranton, said.

"It's shocking. It just lets you know, it could be you. I ride. and motorists can run be over at any time. I could get hit anytime. Sad to see someone in the middle of the street like roadkill," Tommy LeClair, Pittston, said.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney's Office, along with state and local police spent much of the dawn trying to piece together exactly what played out.

During the investigation, part of a normally busy Birney Avenue was closed to morning commuters for about six hours.

Traffic was detoured in and around this area. But the extra daylight allowed police here to use the sunlight to sure make they didn't miss any evidence.

That work included reconstructing the scene. All before firefighters arrived to help clean things up in this Lackawanna County community.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.





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