Diner Customer Hit with Flying Debris Dies

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- The Schuylkill County coroner confirms a man hit by debris inside a diner in Schuylkill County has died.

Martin Moyer was sitting inside Robin's Diner in Schuylkill Haven when two tires broke off the back of a truck and went crashing through the window of the place last week on July 7. Moyer died on July 11.

"He did love going there," Moyer's son Bradley said. "Robin's Diner is one of his usual stops. He would go there two to three times a week and almost always on Fridays."

Moyer's son, Bradley, never thought his father would lose his life at the diner.

"Dad is a hard worker," Bradley said. "Never stops. He's willing to go out of his way for anybody and supports his family endlessly."

Moyer went by "Chico." He grew up in Orwigsburg and worked as a mason. In addition to his work as a mason, Moyer also was a volunteer firefighter for years at the Landingville Community Fire Department. There is a message posted about his death on the front of the building.

Moyer said now that his father has passed on, he will step in to help fill the void left in his family.

"Just like his attitude always was, never quit, always make sure everyone is taken care of, and that is what I've promised him," Bradley said. "Everyone here will be fine. I will take care of them. (He doesn't) have to worry."

State troopers are still investigating why the tires flew into the restaurant. They are not saying whether there will be charges filed. The diner is still closed.


    • michelin man

      Here we go again – time and time again it’s proven that the American public can’t be trusted with tires. Ban them, round them all up, confiscate them. It will take time but believe me things will change. Only the police and military should have tires.


        We need some sane limits on tires, believe me I am not anti-tire but is there any legitimate purpose for the high tire capacity tractor trailers that are on our public roads? four tires should be enough for every one. Don’t even get me started on folks who have aggressive tire treads on their vehicles; it’s like they’re trying to compensate for something. I see people driving these green things called a “john deere” with huge tires. I’m pretty sure it had one of those shoulder things that go up or a PTO, it was scary! I’m no expert on tires nor have I ever used such a contraption, but I was triggered and my feelings were hurt making me uncomfortable. I had to go to my safe space and vent on my blog about it. If we can pass smart tire legislation ensuring that everyone is limited to bicycle tires or tires that have a legitimate sporting purpose I’m sure we can end the deadly tire epidemic within our life times.

      • archie beal says:

        Close the car show loophole! The AAA has blood on its hands! Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and Herbie the Love Bug are to blame for this culture! Ban NASCAR!

    • J (@ds18301)

      Let me speak for Arch. No we shouldn’t. But we have manufacturing regulations, inspections, licensed mechanics who install them and finally we require the operator of autos to have demonstrated that they are capable, physically sufficient and of sound mind. Mr. Williams: 11.747 Americans were shot by other Americans last year (including 21 shot by armed toddlers!). There is no harm in treating gun ownership at the same level of sanity as car ownership — only increased safety for everyone. Bad things will still happen of course but let’s at least try and do our due diligence.

      • that's a shocker

        “11.747 Americans were shot by other Americans” Out of those shootings, how many were gang related? How many were thugs shooting thugs? How many were the good guys shooting the bad guys? The National Safety Council said over 40,000 people died in traffic accidents last year. Cars and trucks are safer than ever. All vehicles are registered and inspected, all drivers are trained. Yet still over 40,000 dead. Nice try. Not.

      • So much for intelligent discourse...

        Gotta love the down votes one gets when one brings reason to the discussion.


        In a separate news article on this web site, a toddler managed to get into an automobile that had manufacturing regulations, inspections, licensed mechanics work on it, and an operator of said auto demonstrated that they are capable, physically sufficient and of sound mind. Yet it still managed to get away with a 3 year old behind the wheel. Well, well, J – care to explain this?

      • J (@ds18301)

        More Intelligent Discourse:
        1) The car was not designed etc to be “operated” by a 3 year old. Obviously a 3 yr old could inflict damage/death with just about anything (washer, dryer, pills and yes… guns). Parenting issue.
        2) All I am suggesting is that we treat guns in the same way we treat other objects/activities that are extremely dangerous. I would hope you would agree that we should allow one to buy an 18-wheeler and hit the road without training, evaluation and licensing.
        3) I already acknowledged that “stuff” happens. Yes, criminals will get guns etc. But what if we saved a few (or a few hundred) innocent lives a year with some reasonable licensing?

      • even more intelligent discourse

        So – you say ‘reasonable licensing’ is the key to reducing firearm related deaths. Would you say it’s reasonable to suggest that people with a criminal record or clinically diagnosed mental illness shouldn’t have guns? Done, already a law. Would you say it’s reasonable that when someone purchases a firearm (even at a gun show) that they go through a background check? Done, already a law. Would you say it’s reasonable that if a person wants to carry a firearm concealed on their person that they subject themselves to further scrutiny by law enforcement and must have a license to do so? Done, already a law. What else what you like to see? I would like to see criminals that use a firearm during the process of committing a crime go to jail – indefinately. No chance of parole. I would like to see people that are convicted of murder with a firearm be executed (using due process, not the joke that we have now). I would like to see known gang members rounded up and their domiciles searched for illegal weapons. The truth is we have too many bleeding hearts and a soft criminal justice system so there is no deterrent for those that chose a life of crime to quit.

      • J (@ds18301)

        Well, we are not as far apart as you might think.
        1) I agree completely on your sentiment regarding crime involving guns. No question.
        2) Actually there are indeed a number of big loopholes in the Brady Bill regarding the secondary market (including gun shows).
        3) Congress recently (2/15/17) repealed legislation keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people. Doesn’t make sense.
        4) I believe it is reasonable to expect gun users to demonstrate an understanding of the safekeeping and operation of guns. While I am sure you are responsible, respect the dangers involved and take the necessary precautions, there are too many who are not. Yes, it might be a hassle like going to the DMV every five years to renew a drivers license but again I think being part of a “commonwealth” is worth it. Yes, of course I know the criminals won’t do this. They won’t carry car insurance either — that doesn’t mean it is not a benefit to society to require it of law-abiding citizens.

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