Bridge Repairs Slow I-81 Traffic in Luzerne County

LUZERNE COUNTY -- Drivers faced delays on part of Interstate 81 in Luzerne County Wednesday because of emergency bridge repairs.

Crews worked on a bridge on I-81 north between the Mountain Top exit (165A) and Wilkes-Barre exit (165B), according to PennDOT.

There were also backups on the back roads in Luzerne County Wednesday afternoon.

Drivers were using the side streets in Mountain Top to find a way around roadwork on Interstate 81 northbound between the Mountain Top and Wilkes-Barre exits.

"I think they're trying to avoid (Interstate) 81 and come this way. I'm just hoping there's not an accident going down (Route) 309 to make it worse."

PennDOT officials say emergency bridge repairs began around 9 a.m. and by the afternoon, it was a slow go for drivers in Mountain Top. South Main Street in Fairview Township was busier than usual and some were annoyed by the traffic.

"Probably all the stop and go and all the construction every time you're on the interstate."

Others say they could wait it out, especially considering road work is scheduled to wrap up Wednesday night.

"I'm retired. I have all the time in the world," said one driver.

Crews hoped to have the repairs completed by Wednesday evening.

Check real-time traffic conditions with the WNEP Traffic Tracker.

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