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Corrections Officer Faces Charges After Alleged Assault of Inmate in Lackawanna County

SCRANTON -- A former corrections officer at Lackawanna County Prison pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday.

Scott Blume faces up to a year in prison. Authorities accused him of spraying an inmate's genitals with pepper spray.

The prison has had problems over the last couple years. Officials placed nine correction officers accused of sexual abuse on administrative leave earlier this year. Plus, four former inmates of that prison have filed a lawsuit against the county and prison officials.


  • FragU

    BLUEMU: I totally agree with you. I met a tard guard that works in a Federal prison, and was bragging about raping someone.

  • Jer Tobin

    Can’t wait for the Blue Lives folk to chime in about how “You don’t know what it’s like in their shoes!!1!1” and how he was totally justified, and “If he didn’t want to be sexually assaulted then maybe he shouldn’t have committed a crime!”

  • BluEmu

    I once knew people that worked for the DOC, and these people are walking a very fine line between being “tard-guards” to being inmates, themselves.

    I cannot imagine waking up, one morning, and saying to myself, “Self? Wouldn’t it just be great to be a prison guard? I could play “God” with everyone who’s doing time, fool around with my coworkers and some of the inmates, and I could get paid for doing it all. Count me in!”

    Nope, nope, nope

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