Talkback 16: Reactions to a Whole New Look

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As you've seen...we have a new graphic look here at Newswatch 16. As you may have guessed, our Talkback 16 callers certainly took notice! Some of you like them...and as for the others...well, not so much.

Here are some of the best calls, and just know...we do take note of your compliments and critiques!


  • Jude

    The fascist DONALD TRUMP said to CNN “I believe HITLER was RIGHT”. xst Donald Trump is a racist with SEWER and the DailyStormer, he listens to satanic 666 sexist music… just google “Donald Trump SEWER 2154” and see FOR YOURSELF!! THE MUSIC kb VIDEO IS about the KKK and Adfolf Hitler raping a 12 year old African-American WOMAN OF COLOR in front of her parents and then hanging MLK with Emma Watson and Taylor Swift!! TAYLOR SWIFT the racist white privileged cvnt said she voted “for donald trump twice” in her OWN WORDS!!! Say no to hate, say no to SEWER, say no to b DONALD TRUMP and EMMA WATSON and Tatylor Swift !! Deport racism today jwz.

  • Clarie

    PLEASE FIX THE 7 day forecast, you can only see 5 DAYS. NOT EVERYONE has the latest technology. It would benefit many.

  • Hope L Gruver

    i do not like the new weather back rounds i have a flat screen tv and can only see the center of it so i do not get that day or the last day and half of the words on the screen are cut off please do something to fix this

  • Lori

    I love the new look on the weather part, because I can see the barometric pressure on each segment, all of us migraine sufferers can be prepared on what’s to come thank you

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