Man Found Passed out in Car With Gun Faces Child Endangerment Charges

PORT CARBON — A driver found passed out in a car faces charges he put his children in danger in Schuylkill County.

Crews found Travis Gorey from Port Carbon unconscious with a gun in his lap on Third Street in Port Carbon last week.

Two small children were in the back.

Gorey is locked up on drug possession and other charges.


  • Lance

    Why only should women do stupid things with kids in a car? Men could be just as idiotic. Proof that evolution is there this missing link pulls a bone head stunt by getting high in his car with kids and a gun in his lap. Probably a hillary supporter.

  • Laura

    child endangerment? no…the gun was merely there for the protection of the kids while he was “resting” . the people who leave their kids in their cars at the casino should be so thoughtful but no all they think about is themselves…… in all seriousness i can picture a lawyer making this defense. where was mom in this? she at work or at “work” while this was going on?

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