Talkback 16: The Backyard Train Goes National!

While many of those across the region are familiar with the beloved Talkback 16 segment, it seems "Talkback Fever" has officially gone national! The tried-and-true Backyard Train (and those who call in about it) made HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in not one -- but two segments!

Plus, in today's edition of Talkback -- sadly, no train...but viewers did call in to sound off on issues like one caller saying he's "seen enough" of President Trump, as well a good question about a multi-million dollar budget dilemma, and a caller from the Electric City voicing his thoughts about vehicles constantly smashing into an apartment building in that city.


  • Michael Figlock

    Hey, could you guys make a social media profile for just the backyard train? I would like updates on just how the backyard train is doing.

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