UPDATE: Child Killed in Crash that Shut Down Part of North Scranton Expressway

SCRANTON -- The Lackawanna County coroner confirms an 8-year-old girl died after a crash that shut down part of the North Scranton Expressway in Scranton.

Emergency crews responded to the scene around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

The coroner said Andrea Morales, age 8, of Scranton, died after being rushed to the hospital.

The child's mother and 6-year-old sister were also taken to area hospitals and remain in critical condition.

Scranton police said the McDade Expressway inbound was closed at Keyser Avenue while crews cleared the scene.


  • Joe

    This was a classic story of clueless people being allowed to say nonsense on TV, which has nothing to do with the crash. Putting average people on here whining about speeders, makes no sense. Nobody said a word about that causing the crash(and maybe speed limits are unsafely posted too low), these people are not traffic engineers, or crash investigators, plus they were not witnesses. How about letting the cops check this out? It is reckless to put these comments on TV too. WNEP can do much better than running anti-driver hit pieces.

  • Donna Benjamin-Sevensky

    My own mother was in a one car accident on that section of the expressway back in 1970. Car went over the bank and not discovered until two days later. She lived but was a quadriplegic for 15 years. By the way, after being found by two young boys walking the highway the city of Scranton sent my dad a bill for damage to the guardrail. Police never investigated the damage. I cringe to this day driving on the expressway. Speed limit is never obeyed. Police very rarely monitor this highway.

  • Katheryn

    Yesterday I passed this accident on the other side of the highway. I heard one of the vehicles were going the wrong direction, anyone know if that’s true?

  • please buckle up

    Anybody else notice that both the guys they interviewed didn’t have their seat belt on?

  • Catherine

    Heartbreaking and tragic. RIP LIttle Andrea. Drivers on this expressway go way over the speed limit. Surprising there aren’t many more accidents and fatalities there. Something has to be done.

  • Beverly Flanagan

    This is heartbreaking.
    I was on the expressway toward Clarks Summit last week, as I was right at the place where I would have turn onto the exit at Keyser Ave or miss it, a white car driving probably 70+ mph in the passing lane bolted in front of me to get off. That was bad enough, but then a black car driving as as fast behind him did the same thing. How there wasn’t an accident I have no idea. People are driving TOO fast, they are not stopping at stop signs, pulling off exits from the passing lane within inches of hitting the person driving properly and even entering highways without yielding. It is getting much worse.

    • Joe

      Your speed estimations do not work, as trained people cannot even do this. Maybe you are the problem, if you keep seeing this? Properly set speed limits and courteous drivers would work wonders.

    • Joe

      Who is not stopping for stop signs? I do not see this. You mean the ones that are every 10 feet and there for no reason? Still do not see people running those, either. Do you refuse to allow people to merge into your lane? It sure sounds like it. All this is nonsense and you are whining about your own poor driving.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Not sure the cause of this, but people need to slow down. If you are doing under 70 on this, they run you off the road. Same thing with 81 and the Cross Valley.

    • Slow down

      Amen Frank. What is so difficult about doing the speed limit, coming to a complete stop at a light or sign, or using your turn signals? As a nation we suck at driving.

    • Hang It Up

      The cause for a great deal of these accidents in the past few years is cellphone use. I’m not just referring to texting. The laws must be written to ban the use of cellphones while the car is in motion. In addition, anyone involved in an accident while using a cellphone should lose insurance coverage for that accident.

      • LesdyxicDriver

        Yes more law, more restrictions on freedom… how about people just don’t do it? Laws aren’t going to stop it, they are just going to punish those who get caught.
        How about we require phone use to pass the driver test. You have to be proficient at texting and driving. Practice makes perfect right coach.

      • 'murica!

        Freedom to do what – drive distracted and cause more collisions? What did we do years ago when we didn’t have cell phones? Tell me how many calls or texts we get are that important that they can’t wait? Other civilized nations in the world make it illegal, but hey – we would rather kill people than give up our freedom to text.

      • lawless society

        “punish those who get caught” Umm, that’s pretty much how all the laws work. That’s kind of the idea…

    • Ashley

      @michelle they need to update this, from my understanding there was a six year old girl in the card also who was flown to Danville and is in critical condition. The mother came out of surgery but not sure from what exactly. I would like to know how this happened.

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