8-Year-Old Girl Dead After ATV Crash

SOUTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP — State Police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old girl after an ATV crash Saturday night in Schuylkill County.

It happened around 9:18 p.m. in South Manheim Township around Berne Road.

Authorities said the child was riding with her father on the ATV when it hit a telephone pole that was laid across a railroad bed and flipped over at least one time.

The child died at the scene of the crash. The father was taken to the hospital for treatment.

State police said both the father and child were not wearing helmets.


  • Tony

    Reminds me of the Leonard Zupon accident from a few years ago. Daddy decides to take his 12-year-old for a quick ride in his Mustang and ends up hitting an oncoming SUV so hard he flips it. No seat belts, of course. The kid (adopted) deserved better.

  • Joe Strummer

    Very sad incident far the family involved. Why ride on railbeds when you can come to Frackville and ride the streets. Everyone knows there are no police in that town. Condolences to the family

  • les

    Terrible tragedy. Horrible!
    And this ‘parent’ should have his ‘parent’ card revoked forever.


    atvs are dangerous. In Frackville those young and old ones fly through the vo tech woods with reckless abandoned on four wheelers.. Some of the operators are scary characters as well. Nothing else to do in this area. I enjoy bird watching, recycling cans and modeling.

    • coal crackers

      If you go deep into the Vo-tech woods you will walk upon large piles of stripped down four wheelers. It looks like the scene from ‘Wrong Turn.’ These skintight, soiled, jogging pants wearing, thigh high socked, velco sneaker tip toeing, pedo streetroamers collect these stripped out four wheeler parts and make freaky sculptures that they hang in the tree branches like the Blair Witch Project. Frackville is a very strange place.

  • WarningFakeNews

    ATV operators trespassing is a huge problem. Operators using public roads, weaving in and out of traffic happens all the time, too. Couple that with irresponsible operators using the ATVs in ways the manufacturers never intended, with kids riding or operating them and you have the recipe for disaster. Yes, losing a child is a horrible outcome for anyone, but this doesn’t exempt people from being held responsible for their actions.

  • Jane

    Please .. All stop casting stones… I can’t imagine how waking up in the morning and your child is gone feels, nor do I want to. Every negative comment made is that of the judgmental . We have all done things in life that we didn’t stop to think of the consequences, and then wish we could turn back the clock , but that is unrealistic. Please do not judge this poor father. God give this family strength.🙏

  • Cathy

    This is a god awful tragedy, and i really dont think this is the time for people to lay judgement on others. This poor family is suffering enough and im sure this man feels awful already without having to see all these crazy comments. Prayers to this family , my heart goes out to them.

  • Bob

    Everyone needs to back off this poor guy…..it sounds like he was being a good dad and just having some fun with his kid….. I ride with my kids every chance I get…..yes I make my kids wear helmets, but that won’t prevent broken necks, etc….. tragedies happen everywhere…. I’m sure this man/ father feels bad enough without all your negative comments….. prayers to the family…..

  • Suzanne Warfield

    You people need to to hold your judgments…..I personally know this family. How many of you out there in the glory of a beautiful summer day or night hasn’t taken risks…whether it be swimming at a local water hole or breathing in the summer night on a bike ride without a helmet or through the woods on an ATV. This man had ridden that trail a hundred times with is wife and kids…where that pole came from was a surprise….Stop your sanctimonious, holier than thou comments and try to be human for just one. Everyone is here for just a short time. We make mistakes…as tragic as they may be.

    • PattiO

      If you’re an adult and chose not to wear a helmet – fine. When you risk your own childs life by allowing them to NOT wear a helmet on an ATV … well, there are just no words. A terrible mistake is what it is and now his daughter is dead.

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