Schuylkilll County Pharmacy Tech Charged With Stealing Nearly 30-Thousand Pills

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- A Mahanoy City woman is charged with stealing nearly 30-thousand prescription pills from her employer.

Jamie Karmonick is accused of stealing the drugs from Alliance Medication Services in Rush Township from September of 2016 through March of this year.

"I used to work in the medical field, so I kind of know exactly how that is and there were people in that job where I used to work who were like crazy when it came to those kind of pills. Like Xanax, Oxycodone, like those are strong,” said Vanessa Patrocinio of Tamaqua.

Karmonick worked as a pharmacy technician at Alliance Medication Services on Mahoning Avenue in Rush Township near Tamaqua.

According to court papers, back in September, she began stealing pills and changing computer records to cover it up.

Investigators say she admitted to the crime, saying she was self-medicating and things got out of control as she tried to deal with ‘stress’ and ‘family problems.’

"She must be high or crazy. She needs to be locked up. She has to pay for what she did,” said Luz Tejada of Tamaqua.

The state attorney general says Karmonick stole pills that have an estimated street value of 565-thousand dollars.

He says drug abuse is at an all-time high and 75 percent of heroin users began drug abuse with prescription pills, like the ones Karmonick is charged with stealing.

"One of those pills can go for 30 dollars on the street, and obviously, all they have to do is crush it up and that's exactly what they used to do where I used to work at, so it's bad,” said Patrocinio.

People worry about thefts like this one making the drug problems even worse where they live.

"I've lived in Tamaqua all my life and I know all about how all the drugs and everything and they're really bad,” said Stephen Carroll.



  • Lance

    Ti have that in your inventory and finally notice…. wow she had some pair to steal that and not think she would get caught.

  • TinyTim

    The malls are closing, the downtown’s are dead, the educated move out, the only thing that is left is teachers who mostly are stuck in high school, prisons and distribution centers. and tons of druged out local people who join the newbies from Jersey and NY who rent row homes from slumlords.

    • Just a girl

      Yep, your right. But it’s not just here, it’s everywhere in small town USA. They are more than drugged out, they are new OD cases just waiting to become statistics. Can you imagine what the real OD rate would be wo narcan? There’s no stopping this epidemic because it’s an epidemic of hopelessness for the poor and an epidemic of greed for the rich and an epidemic of the corruption of our politicians. Honestly I can’t wait to see what happens next.

      • Just a girl

        I totally agree that taking drugs is their choice. There are a large amount of people that do that. Check the OD statistics, 50k last year and it’s under reported by 50% according to the CDC. This is because if someone dies from pneumonia, its listed as that but the underlying cause is opioids. So it’s more like 75k deaths, if not more. I think it’s more, maybe 100k. Maybe they should have moved, except it’s everywhere in this country. It’s coming in the mail from china to people who use bitcoins and delivered curtsy of USPS, fed ex and ups.

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