One Dead, One in Custody After Apparent Stabbing in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT -- One man is dead and another is behind bars after a stabbing in Williamsport.

According to police, the victim was found around 1 a.m. Thursday just off of Locust Street in the city.

Officers say Scott Cole of Williamsport suffered cuts and punctures to his head, chest, and back. He died at the hospital.

Police tell us they plan to charge Rashawn Williams with criminal homicide and aggravated assault after the stabbing.

Evidence markers outside Rashawn Williams' home in Williamsport tell a story all their own. Police say this is where Scott Cole was stabbed several times early in the morning.

"Next thing I know, I heard a commotion outside. I hear a person scream, 'I'm stabbed, I'm dying,'" recalled Joe Kuna.

Police in Williamsport say Williams and Cole started fighting in the home. Cole ended up outside on the street. He had been stabbed several times.

"I woke up, I came out, seen a guy on the side of the sidewalk and I see the puddle of blood and the cellphone," said Teresa Verbeck.

By the time neighbors came outside, Cole had collapsed on the corner of the street.

"They did CPR on him and they couldn't get nothing," said Verbeck.

Diane Black waited for police to finish up their investigation. She needs to get clothes for her grandchildren who live there. They were inside when the scuffle broke out.

"All I know, a fight broke out in my daughter's house and it extended outside the house and a man dead," said Black.

Black says Williams is the father of her daughter's children. She also knows Cole who she calls "Scottie too Hottie."

"He was a good dude," said Black. "He didn't really deserve what happened. I don't really know what went down in there."

Williams got upset that's when the fight broke out.

"There are only two people that know what happened -- Scottie too Hottie and Rawshan. Rahshawn not talking and Scottie dead," Black added.


  • ayceshendoshrimp

    Its time to clean up Williamsport! Send all those derelicts down here to Shendo, we can accommodate them!

  • Eljohnson

    What gets me is the people that are commenting on this saying that williamsport is pretty much unlivable, well you guys are very close minded or don’t get out much because people killing and dying doesn’t just happen in williamsport. Their is murder everywhere, sometimes you don’t hear about unless a person is kidnapped and killed.

    • Jake Smule

      The comments are directed towards the mutants that were interviewed about the crime.
      Compliments to WNEP for always finding good subjects to interview. I have the Shamokin Dunkin Donuts interview on a loop and watch it every morning to start my day. This video will be a close second now.

  • Jake Smule

    Doesn’t the Air Force have some bombs that are going to expire and must be used before expiration?
    This part of Williamsport would be a great target.

  • think positive

    Williamsport will definitely not make it on the list of Americas Best Places to Live and Raise a Family. So many nice towns are being turned into ghettos.

  • ronswankcre

    A life of dippin and dabbin on the DL can never lead to anything good. Rest in Power Scotty Too Hottie.

  • dadof2

    Just fry him, no trial – or better yet bring back the gallows and let him hang in public square !!!

  • brenda

    Rest easy Scotty , you didnt deserve this at all and I hope they make him pay for what he did to you … Surely going to miss seeing your face around town …Just because people cant come clean on there sexuality… cost a good guy his life … high with the angels scotty to hottie .

  • jim

    I am still in shock that this woman made it on news …..WNEP really, most people show some shock, not this woman. She was having to much fun.
    And trying to understand her…well that is the story.

  • think positive

    This scenario is so typical. Sad, but typical. It’s kind of an inside look at people who haven’t learned how to live in a civilized manner.

  • Leslie Temple

    Can’t get over the fact that u were here and now ur not!!! I’m glad I was able 2 express how much u meant 2 me every time I seen u!!! This world is a little bit weird now that u r gone!! Love u friend!!! Rest easy Scotty

    • i_see_hypocrites

      i’m with you on that one! not because horrors happen nowhere else, but because I had constantly run across ignorant people here who insisted that nothing bad USED to happen here. Town of 500, 5 bad people..Town of 2000, 20 bad people, town of 8 million, 80000 bad people. These same ignorant people who think nothing bad ever happens then start telling stories of cousin so and so who got busted for DUI, beating his wife, meth lab, etc…
      Reminds me of Ted Cruz and his snarky remark about “NY-Values,” the headlines from Texas from that point on were pretty despicable.

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