Woman Retires from Legal Work after Nearly 60 Years

SUNBURY -- 42 steps. Once you get in the door, at the law offices of Thomas E. Boop, that's what it takes for Betty Brosious to get to her desk in Sunbury.

Betty has been doing this same routine for the past 59 years and now she is retiring.

“I have enjoyed it. I think I have worked every phase of the business from real estate, I did do title abstracting, and most recently I've done state administration work and tax work,” Brosious said.

Betty has been employed as a paralegal/legal secretary since June 24, 1958, after graduating from Danville High School.

She began work under the late attorney Carl Rice and it was eventually turned over to attorney Thomas E. Boop.

“No training, knew nothing about legal work or anything and I have learned a lot through all the years,” said Brosious.

Betty was one of two secretaries when the office first opened and has seen that number grow over the years.

Well, that and the paperwork, Betty says she has seen tons of paperwork during her time at the law office. Her co-workers say her smile and positive attitude will be missed around the office.

“You develop a relationship with people for a long period of time and sometimes you see them more than you see your family,” said Thomas E. Boop, attorney.

“Her dedication, she's just always here and it’s going to be totally different when she is actually retired and we aren't constantly calling her to come in,” said Diane Brosius.

Betty she will miss the friendliness of her office coworkers and plans to enjoy spending more time with her family.

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