Deadly Pickup Crash in Wayne County

LAKE TOWNSHIP — A man is dead after a crash Friday morning in Wayne County.

It happened just before 10 a.m. on Tisdel Road near Lake Ariel.

Police say the pickup truck crossed the center line and struck a tree.

Randy Lamberton, 64, of Lake Ariel died of a heart condition causing the crash, according to the coroner.


  • Jan

    You say name withholding pending family’s notification but post a pic of the truck?? That is so wrong no pic should of been posted have compassion for the family! Horrible for them to log on & see the truck but they didn’t know what had happened come on wnep my opinion of you is getting lower & lower. Smdh

  • duh

    Archie Beal is OK with this happening as long as he’s not affected and the 2nd and 4th amendments are repealed.

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