After Latest Mass Shooting, a Renewed Call to ‘Stop the Bleed’

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- After Wednesday's shooting outside Washington, a congressman is being hailed for saving another's life by using a tourniquet.

It's a simple thing that medical experts say everyone should learn how to use.

"I was able to make it to the dugout, take off my belt, one of the staffers was wounded, take off the belt, myself and another person put the tourniquet on his leg,” said Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama.

It happened in just a few moments: a tourniquet that doctors say saved a congressional staffer's life after he was shot in the leg at a congressional baseball team practice Wednesday morning.

"I continue to be disturbed by the number of mass casualties that we observe, most recently here in the Weis Markets up in Tunkhannock. Just before that, another five victims down in Orlando and it continues to be a problem that we face, but just seeing that somebody, an innocent bystander, was able to save someone's life should empower the rest of us,” said Dr. Brian Frank, a Geisinger trauma surgeon.

Geisinger participates in the national "Stop the Bleed" campaign, where medical experts train people to make and use life-saving tourniquets.

According to statistics, severe bleeding is a common cause of death during an emergency situation, and 35 percent of victims die before they even reach a hospital.

"Ideally, you place a tourniquet between two fingerbreadths or two inches above the wound. You want to initially pull it as tight as possible because this will initially stop the bleeding,” said Dr. Frank.

Already, Geisinger's medical staff has taught stop the bleed techniques to all kinds of people. The program is free and available to public groups and organizations.

"There was an assault outside the Scranton Headquarters, Scranton Police Headquarters where a victim was assaulted and sustained an injury to an artery in their arm. This officer remembering the training from the day prior successfully applied a tourniquet and transferred the patient to a hospital where they underwent emergency surgery to repair the artery and the tourniquet saved that patient's life,” said Dr. Frank.

Geisinger staff train onsite using realistic simulators.

If you or your organization are interested in the program, contact (570) 703-7329 or


  • Lance

    The rhetoric that jas been spouted for so long is the reason this guy went off. No one in congress does anything. There is no compromise no talking just constant sniping at each other instead of a constructive debate. Gun control won’t solve this problem. Politicians and the media should find common ground. Not this constant bs we as the public are subjected to. And to those liberals out there. Yeah common sense is not limited to what or who you believe in. It is in all of us. If we can all just shut up and listen.

  • Johnny

    The alt-left doesn’t stop. This is 100% because of t the fake stream propaganda media including wnep. The radical left have always been violent and always will be as long as idiots like Rachel maddow and all the fake media keep lying to the public.

  • RicU.

    The “latest mass shooting” was done by an Illinois man who hated and stalked Republicans. So, should we now take guns away from LIBERALS or people from people from Illinois where they have complete gun control with no gun shops in Chicago? Suppose we just say people who live in their motor vehicles such RVs?

    There must be a completely irrational “cause” for the anti-gun crew liberals. Actually, this was a suicide by cop as he knew there were police around in force. He targeted and stalked Republicans.

    Is this a new Liberal tactic?

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