Plans in the Works for Wyalusing Creek Path

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WYALUSING -- Wyalusing's mayor, Susan Burgess, wants to build a path along a creek that runs through the borough. She is hoping the addition will bring more tourism to the area.

Business is booming along Main Street in Wyalusing. A sandwich shop called American Sandwich Co. just opened on the street last week.

"Wyalusing is just a wonderful place to visit," American Sandwich Co. owner Richard Sherman said. "It is a warm and inviting place. (There are) friendly people and we want to get people back here."

While brainstorming ways to bring in more visitors to Wyalusing, Mayor Susan Burgess came up with an idea to build a wall along the creek that runs through the borough.

It would start behind the Wyalusing Hotel and go all the way to the Susquehanna River. Burgess estimates it would be about a half a mile long. Her goal is to build two walls and have a path running through them so that visitors can enjoy the view of the creek.

"I want it because I think that our town needs a wonderful meeting place for everybody to meet and greet," Burgess said.

Another group that would benefit from the project would be the community's firefighters. They said the path would make it easier for them to get to the water and allow them to have more of it when fighting fires.

"(It would give us) better access," Wyalusing Fire Department Assistant Chief Adam Dietz said. "The access we have now is hard. It takes multiple lanes of suction hose to get into it. There is only access for one truck."

There are no concrete plans for the project yet. It is still in its very early stages and there is no estimate on how much it would cost. However, Burgess is working to get money from grants and the local government. She's hoping to have the plans for the project completed by the end of the year.

"I did tell council I hope I live to see it to completion, but if I don't, I hope someone picks it up and continues it," Burgess said.

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