Father Writes Books Through the Eyes of Autistic Son in Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- A former music teacher from Lock Haven has written a trilogy of fantasy fiction books inspired by his 19-year-old son Michael, who has autism.

Paul Nelson's son Michael was born with autism. It means the 19 year old has a hard time communicating on his own, but Nelson knows his son has a story to tell.

"I've found that having somebody with autism has really helped me appreciate the little things in life," said Paul Nelson.

When Nelson's wife passed away about four years ago, he decided it was the right time to share his son's journey.

Because his son cannot describe it on his own, Nelson wrote three books in hopes of letting others see what it's like to live with autism. The main characters in the trilogy are autistic, but the books are fantasy fiction. They fight off evil with their super powers.

"I made the characters in the book who are autistic super heroes because I really think these people really do have some super human abilities,” said Nelson.

As for Michael, dad says he has a super power of his own -- his creativity. Michael's creativity is a trait many people may not see if they don't ask.

"I'm trying to open people's minds a little bit about people who may be just a little bit different than us and encourage tolerance and acceptance,” said Nelson.

Fisher's Autism Trilogy is on Amazon. As for Nelson, he says he'll keep writing, after all, Michael still has a story to tell.


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  • Joe

    I wish people would learn more about autism. It is necessary to be more direct in talking, and body language may not work. Be understanding too. Do not assume anything, unless it is said. Many people also have special skills.

  • nicole

    Oh he is such a nice man and he takes his son everywhere with him. When I was a TSS my client had music class with him, I always really like him he is a great teacher!

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