Power To Save: New Rooftop Garden at West Berwick Elementary

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BERWICK -- As the school year winds down, some teachers and students in Columbia County are taking advantage of the nicer weather.

Patrick Brown teaches his fourth graders in the new outdoor classroom, featuring a rooftop garden of succulent plants.

"It gives students a real hands-on and real world example of what we're teaching back in the classroom," he explained.

"It has all the nice beautiful flowers," added fourth-grader Celena Weaver. "The (plants) bring in birds and bees and we can learn about them."

"We actually get to experience and see them instead of just looking on a page and them telling us so we can actually see it," said student Skye Terrones.

Teachers found out pretty quickly that they could use all the space in the outdoor learning area for more than just learning about the environment.

"We can talk about the environment much easier and we can also bring in real world situations like we are today," Brown added. "(Today, we are working) to calculate the area of our learning space and we're talking about how we can furnish it for next year."

Teachers are already brainstorming on how to better use this space for the next school year.