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Past, Present and Future for Gas Industry in Susquehanna County

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- After ten years of drilling for natural gas in Susquehanna County, Cabot Oil and Gas Company announced property owners have received more than $1 billion in royalties in Susquehanna County.

Officials made the announcement in front of residents and employees at Cabot's center just outside of Montrose.

“We can't be successful without a partnership with them and we want to make sure we took the time sat with them had the opportunity to have a conversation,” George Stark, Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation.

Cabot officials tell Newswatch 16 they noticed they were close to the billion dollar milestone a couple of months ago.

They've already drilled 3 trillion cubic feet of gas and are planning to drill for more gas in the future.

“The opportunity we see here is growth and it`s finding the right employees and putting them to work and the biggest challenge we have here is getting all the gas out of the count,” said Stark.

Cabot Oil and Gas Company plans to continue drilling for the next 30 years. Susquehanna County Residents say this is good news for the communities that they work and live in.

“It’s overwhelming. Our township, we have been able to remodel our buildings and put new roofs and put a new playground in and a new walking trail,” said Dennis Bunnell of Jessup Township

Dennis Bunnell and his wife Janice live in Jessup Township and get royalties for allowing Cabot to drill on their land. Dennis tells Newswatch 16 his family has benefited from the drilling.

They hope this news from Cabot brings more jobs to and gets people to stay in Susquehanna County.

“This was a godsend for the township for the area for the county I am pretty partial to my township,” said Bunnell.


  • vera scroggins

    Industry making claims….where is proof? Cabot doesn’t advertise it’s over 500 DEP Violations and millions in fines……tell those who lost their water , how great they are…our water is priceless ….

  • Emily jean

    Lol! Just not in the 9 mile in DIMOCK….. this makes me so happy that a few greedys are losing out

    • GroMorHogs

      Funny Emily
      How for some Reason you call are farm Greed COME live on are Farm see just how Much Fun we have when your water well Can’t Be used for Drinking water !
      You may find that Funny But I am very Sorry to say my Family & I have lost all Privacy That one Might Expect living in the country over are Bad water Best Part of it all we Do Have water to use for all of are animals and are Home we Thank God for The Gas Find for are area ! The Job’s are Great ……But will it ever Make are water well Safe to drink
      That Part know one can tell us and yes I can only speak for my family ! we did Think The same way for a few years Till The Day we come home to Find are Animals Not Willing to Drink the water !
      ? How can you put a price on water Tell us how you will feel if that happens to your well.
      Thank you & God Bless ken & kim

  • Other land owners matter

    Now if only the communities would be piped the gas to burn in their homes for heat.

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