Social Club Helps New Moms Adjust

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KINGSTON -- New moms learn quickly when that baby comes home, just about everything in life seems to change.

Now, there is a new club for moms in Luzerne County to help them deal with all the challenges of motherhood--together.

Babies are not always picture perfect. That's why some women are relying on the New Mom's Social Club at Pediatric Associates of Kingston.

The group is free to all women in Luzerne County with an infant under the age of 1.

Popular topics include sleeping, eating, and why are babies so moody.

Pediatrician Dr. Jeffery Kile saw similar groups popping up in big cities and decided to bring the concept to Luzerne County.

"It can be very isolating, and the moms being able to come out and bond with each other helps prevent that isolation," Dr. Kile said.

He adds group support can ease the anxiety and depression many new moms face.

"Having this group, I feel so alive as a mother," said Nicole Blessing-Akhter of Kingston.

While a social worker facilitates the meetings, moms keep in touch through social media and real life outings.

"I married a man from northeast Pennsylvania, didn't really know anyone, so it's given me a chance to meet other girls," said Nicole Raven of Wapwallopen.

Raven is adjusting to motherhood and America. She explains there's nothing like getting through the rough waters of parenting with women in the same boat

"You might not think you are doing it perfectly, but then you meet up with a group of moms and realize, 'I'm actually doing pretty good.'"

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