Deer Population on the Move in the Poconos

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Editor's note: some of this video may be graphic.

MONROE COUNTY -- There are two things you typically see on the interstates this time of year: road cones and roadkill.

On Interstate 80 in Monroe County, we counted nearly a dozen deer laying on the shoulders.

Eric Spenser from Long Pond has had to dodge one a time or two.

"It's scary. It scared the death out of my wife. She was sitting on the passenger side and the deer just hit. What's wrong with them? Are they silly? They will just run right to you," said Eric Spencer of Long Pond.

Officials with the state game commission say we are now in fawn season, so deer are on the move.

The best thing a driver can do is stay alert, especially where deer crossing signs are posted.

Christine Camaratta moved to the Poconos from Philadelphia. She says it's one of the first things she noticed in this area.

"I am very cautious. I have been coming up here for years. I know they are there. I just watch for them. That is all," said Christine Camaratta of Pocono Summit.

A lot of the drivers we spoke to tell us they did notice there are a lot more deer moving around in the Poconos. That's why many of them are practicing safe driving while out on the highway.

"I take my time. Do the speed limit and slow down when the deer cross. When you see one, stop because more are coming across and they will tear your car up," said Spenser.

And when a deer does tear up your car, many find themselves making a stop at Advanced Collision on Route 611.

In fact, one deer-damaged car was on its way in while Newswatch 16 was there.

"We get a lot of non-driveables with the deer hits. Sometimes we are loaded with cars and other times we are just skating by with a couple," said Stephanie Andersen, Advanced Collision assistant manager.

Officials say if you do find a deer on your commute, slow down, blow your horn to urge the deer to leave the road.  Don't try to go around it.


  • RicU.

    Having once had a brown minivan nicknamed “The Deerslayer” and another with WWII hash marks on the side, deer must have suicidal desires. When you cure them, they don’t pay for your professional services. That there are an increasing number of road kill, we might wonder what effect the HUGE fire off Route 402 had 2 years ago as they don’t have the vegetation or protective cover that forest provided. As that fire was deemed arson, can we have a connection here?

    • Jay

      Forest fire causes the woods to regrow thicker. Besides the Poconos is bigger then the woods off of 402. Delaware state Forest is thousands of acres.

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