4 Pennsylvania Burgers Make Food Critic’s ‘Best Burgers in America’ List

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Fountain Porter PHOTO: Thrillist / Trevor Raab

PENNSYLVANIA  — A food critic has his list of the 100 best hamburgers in the country and four of them are in Pennsylvania.

Critic Kevin Alexander at Thrillist says that “if you can’t enjoy a shockingly underrated classic burger inside” Stinky’s Bar & Grill, a “divey Pittsburgh joint… you are going to have a very hard and sad life,” naming it the 44th best in the nation.

While “Stinky’s” landed the highest ranking for a Keystone State burger, three others made the list – all of them in Philadelphia:

98. The “Pope Burger” at The Pub on Passyunk East.

95. The “Cheese Burger” at Fountain Porter.

52. The “Sirloin Beef Burger with American and Grilled Onion” at Sketch Burger.

You can check out the full list here.