Dealing with Wacky Weather in the Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- We are wrapping up a wacky month of weather.

Even the sunshine and warm temperatures on Wednesday ended up fueling thunderstorms in some spots.

It finally feels like May here in the Poconos, the sun was shining and no coats were necessary.

It was much different than the last few days that were filled with rain, cold temperatures, and more rain.

Many people took advantage of the warm day to hit Lowe's near Stroudsburg to pick up outdoor supplies.

"I am buying some flowers because finally, we can plant. It's been too cold," said Clotilde Fitzsimmons of Pen Argyl.

But the warm weather isn't expected to stay much longer. In fact, colder temperatures and rain are expected next week.

And that version of Mother Nature is not being welcomed by people in Monroe County.

"Well, I guess it's life. It's life. That's what it is. That's Mother Nature. She rules all. I just go with the flow," said Jay Emmons of Analomink.

Clotilde Fitzsimmons says she just got back from Florida. She stopped to pick up some garden materials before it starts raining again.

"It's frustrating this time of year because you want to be out in the yard doing your garden, your flowers, your hedges, and it's just not happening," said Fitzsimmons.

With more rain expected over the next few days, plenty of people were out and about getting as much yard work done as they can while the sun was still shining.

Sandy Krajnak from Stroud Township was outside mulching her front yard. She tells Newswatch 16 she's waited days to do this.

"Oh, I'd love a little less rain, but I guess now is better than in the middle of the summer, so as long as my flowers are good I'll be happy," said Krajnak.