Deadly Motorcycle Crash in Bradford County

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ORWELL TOWNSHIP — A motorcyclist died and his passenger was severely injured in a crash in Bradford County.

State police say David Estelle, 48, of Rome, was killed when a pickup truck trying to pass another vehicle crossed into the opposite lane and struck his motorcycle head-on.

It happened on Route 187 near Rome around 9 p.m. Wednesday.

A passenger on the motorcycle, Billie Jo Estelle, 42, of Rome, was badly hurt.

Troopers say the pickup driver, Tyler Freeman, 19, of Rome, was taken to a hospital.


  • MMMM

    What’s with these pickup drivers? Drive up your rearend if you’re in their way! Acting all cocky! They think they own the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slow down! Save a life! It isn’t worth acting like an idiot if you kill someone!

  • Praying

    The disrespect you have for someone that lost thier life is disgusting have some respect to the family of thiers that might read this people need better hearts.

  • Archie Beal

    That young man in the truck needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent. No plea agreement. No breaks even if it was an accident. The justice system needs to start sending a harsh message to society, to slow down and drive with responsibility. It is the only way our society will learn, Maybe. Lives are constantly lost due to people’s “accidents” and the majority are avoidable and preventable. This is totally unacceptable.

  • think positive

    It doesn’t even matter whether or not he was texting. He was driving recklessly, using some of the oncoming lane to make his selfish maneuver, and he killed someone. Most people don’t have a SHRED of patience anymore and have to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, with no time to worry about other peoples’ LIVES.

    • Jay

      Well, let’s see:
      1-You have no idea whether the driver was driving recklessly.
      2-sometimes there’s there’s a reason why an accident is called an accident
      3-One pretty much has to use the oncoming lane to pass another vehicle on a two lane road. It’s not a “selfish maneuver” it’s simply a driving maneuver that under the proper circumstances is perfectly legal.
      4-yes, it does matter whether the 19yo was texting. But the idea that he was texting is pure speculation and not grounded in any reality.

      RIP to the victim(s)

      • Heather Kennedy

        If he hit oncoming traffic head on then he shouldnt have had time to pass to begin with. The fact that he decided to go for it was a reckless choice. No doubt about it!

      • Jay

        Heather, maybe yes, maybe no. Does it really hurt to wait for more details? Firstly, was it S legal passing zone? This happened shortly after dusk, did the motorcycle have properly functioning lights? Was the motorcycle traveling at an obsurdly high rate of speed? I’m not saying the car driver wasn’t reckless, I’m saying that based on the info provided it’s hard to know for sure. But feel free to be an armchair cop, I guess.

      • No More Excuses

        Wow! Anymore excuses?
        The kid goes to prison because he was reckless and killed one and severely injured another. Obviously he didn’t look to see if it was clear to pass and he caused the death. That’s all we need to know.

      • Smh

        Just so you know, there is absolutely no cell service in that area so he wasn’t texting and also I’m also almost positive that there are NO passing zones in that area so by passing someone he was obviously in a hurry and driving recklessly. It’s just a shame because not only did the driver of the motorcycle die, but since the passenger on his motorcycle died as well. 2 innocent people died in this unfortunate accident.

  • Athens

    19 years old and living the rest of his life knowing he killed someone. Sad case for both people.

  • Praying

    We live just over the hill from where​ it happened I’m sorry for the family that lost a loved one and am praying that the other passenger recovers.

    • Bill K.

      Praying, I’m there praying with you. What I don’t understand are the downvotes. You mean some of you readers AREN’T hoping for this?: What is wrong with some people?

    • Nancy troup

      The other passenger that was riding the motorcycle did not survive, she passed way his afternoon. From what we understand, the 19 year old guy was passing on a double line around a corner and hit the motorcycle head on.

      • Praying

        That’s horrible that she didn’t make it I send my deepest sympathy to the families I pray they can make it through. So much tragedy in the world anymore two souls that got their lives cut so short people need to be more careful and patient.

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