Pennsylvania to Receive Nearly Half a Million Dollar Settlement Following Target Data Breach

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania has joined 46 states in an $18.5 million settlement with Target Corporation following a major data breach in 2013.

According to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the commonwealth will receive $469,000 as a result of the settlement.

The company is also required to improve its security measures to better protect its customers’ financial data from cyber hacks.

More than a million Pennsylvanians had their credit card or personal information stolen as a result of the 2013 security breach.


  • Supporter of America

    That’s rich that PA will get money from a data breach, that did not affect them, and when they will willingly handout sensitive information; as long as the person requesting it is a US citizen. Makes perfect sense to the crooks in Harrisburg. I wonder how much I should sue the State of Pennsylvania for, for the willing release of personal information. Oh wait, I can’t because they wrote the law to protect themselves.

  • Dave

    Wait one minute here…Why don’t the people who’s credit was compromised get the money? Just like the Tobacco settlement. Crooks every one of them.

  • Watchdog

    Hahaha , “Pennsylvania” won’t see a dime , its already consumed by the greed and gluttony of leadership for sure.

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