Turkey Hill Robbed in Luzerne County

SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- A thief took money during a hold-up at a mini mart in Luzerne County.

The Turkey Hill Minit Mart on Airport Road near Hazleton was robbed around 12:15 a.m. on Monday.

Police say the bandit took some money and ran off.

Investigators haven't said if the thief had a weapon, or how much he got away with in that robbery in Luzerne County.


  • WantRealNews

    I don’t think we need to know anymore every time a Turdkey Hill is robbed. We don’t care. No more ridiculous pixelated-beyond-recognition stupid security camera pictures either. Worthless crap.

  • Conroy

    WNEP you should take a tally of how many times turkey Hill has been robbed. I’d be curious to know the exact number.

    • Nameless

      No. Loss prevention of Turkey Hill don’t even care if they recover their stolen money/items from these robbers. All of them are busy investigating their own employees stealing from their own stores. Also, they are short staffed who covers 260 stores.

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