Sisters Meet President Trump at Surprise Graduation Visit

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WILKES-BARRE -- Two sisters from Luzerne County who graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy got the chance to meet President Donald Trump this week.

Graduates and family members said they were humbled and shocked because they had no idea President Trump was going to speak at the coast guard graduation.

Cadet Keemiya Pourmonir walked across the graduation stage this Wednesday with a smile on her face. Her sister, Ariana, a 2010 coast guard graduate, presented her commission alongside the president.

"He asked me one really important question, which was, 'is she a good sister?' And of course, I told him she's an amazing sister! She's definitely the reason why I came to the Coast Guard Academy," Keemiya, an ensign in the United States Coast Guard said.

The Jenkins Township native said she was nervous to meet the Commander-In-Chief because no one knew he was coming.

"Usually you know if the president is going to be attending your graduation, and he wasn't supposed to attend our's," Keemiya said. "So I think every person in my class can agree that it was an honor to have him there, and no one expected it so that made it all the more special that he was able to attend."

Of course, her parents Careen and Shahrooz Pourmonir were beaming with pride.

"I was amazed. I was just so thrilled. I've always wanted a president to be there when my daughters are graduating," Keemiya's mother, Careen said.

"It makes me so proud. Everybody knows it," Keemiya's father, Shahrooz said.

Keemiya is one of three Pourmonir daughters to attend the Coast Guard Academy. She said her family brought her up to answer the call of duty.

"I think that my family raised all of us in the same way that we felt serving others was what we were kind of put on this earth for," Keemiya said.

Next, Keemiya is headed to Key West, Florida to serve as an ensign for the United States Coast Guard.


  • Nikki Stadnitski Martini

    Awesome. I wish Trump came to help my daddy during his mayoral race. Oh I forget he’s a democrat. Nevermind. Oh pickles.

  • magicmikexxsm

    seriously liberal wnep do you hate Trump that much you sensor my comment, which has nothing wrong in it..????
    Good for them, they got to meet their commander…….

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