Police Pursuit: Angry Swan Chases Orlando Police Officer

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Orlando, FL — It’s a police pursuit of a different kind. One officer in Orlando found himself being chased down by an angry swan.

WESH reports that the incident took place in Lake Eola, Florida on Thursday.

The entire, hilarious chase was captured by neighbor Darrell Harbin and posted to Twitter.

At one point during the chase, it appears that the officer begins using his cell phone to record the goose.  We’re guessing the video will be used as evidence when trying to convince his fellow officers that this actually happened.

This isn’t the first time a swan has gone after a police officer in Orlando.  An incident posted to the Orlando Police Department Facebook page shows a member of the force’s Bicycle Patrol Unit chased by an angry swan in the same area in April of 2016.

The message on the Facebook post reads, “You can’t imagine the hazards our officers face out there every day….but here’s a peek at a recent one!”


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