Bird Mite Infestation at School Forces Events to Move in Carbon County

LEHIGHTON -- A high school in Carbon County alerted parents and students Friday afternoon that all weekend events will be moved or postponed due to the discovery of bird mites in the building.

Lehighton Area High School tweeted out about the discovery, citing that they "have a confirmation of bird mite(s) in the high school," and assuring families they have contacted a pest control firm and are working to assess and evaluate the situation.

As per a tweet sent out by the district Sunday afternoon, the high school has apparently been cleared for occupancy, and "pest control experts took care of the situation with the birds so we will have school on Monday!​"

Sources describe bird mites as parasites that are found near nesting birds, known to adapt from baby birds over to pets or humans.

The mites are said to be very active during evening hours, known to multiply very quickly and be extremely difficult to eradicate once infested in a home or building. They survive on moisture, heat, blood and carbon dioxide, and according to, "tend to multiply in areas where people spend a good deal of time, such as in a vehicle or near a computer." The mites are described as very small, difficult to see, and are also said to hide in crevices and cracks, preferring darker areas.

The website also warns that signs of a possible bird mite infestation include:
• Pinprick bites with or without lesions
• Frequently intense itching of the skin
• Vague sensation of crawling on the skin
• Bite marks and lesions that heal very, very slowly
• An increase in symptoms at night and in humid weather
• Physician suspects scabies but the treatment does not help

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1 Comment

  • karen reynolds

    I live alone and a one bedroom apartment and I am dealing with bird my infestation myself I’m 52 years old type 1 diabetic all my life and keep getting misdiagnosed I’ve had it for 10 months and getting worse and worse they’re everywhere I mean how can I get rid of these and how can I afford to do all those things