Wilkes-Barre Awarded Grant to Help with Finances

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WILKES-BARRE — The city of Wilkes-Barre is getting a state grant to help clean up its finances.

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development awarded the Diamond City $200,000 for a financial feasibility study.

With the grant, it’s hoped that Wilkes-Barre’s financial adviser will be able to map out the city’s books and make spending more efficient.

Last week, city council approved a plan to borrow $52 million to keep Wilkes-Barre out of distressed city status.


  • cheap tightwad

    If you don’t seek public office you have to accept what you are being fed. Election after election I see unchallenged candidates and offices where no one is on the ballot being no one wanted to do the job. those are easy to win and with little or no effort you can hold that office.You may win by simply writing in your own name. There are many more that are within reach just by opposing a weak candidate. It’s easier than you may think.

    Sure you will get abuse, but you will get good at looking some one in the eye and just figuring out what they are trying to say, after they run out of steam it’s your turn.

    if you don’t vote you don’t count, you are a number in a column. If you don’t seek office you are accepting what you are fed.

  • Archie Beal

    Wilkes Barre is nothing more than a big mess. This mayor promised the world and hasn’t come through on really anything. What a clown

  • PAredstateforever

    This is textbook definition of government waste. John Yudichak looks so proud to waste the taxes. It is shameful the politicians have to try and “score” when they get this type of money. It is also wrong that when we assess their success, it is based on the level of slush funds they are able direct to their own district.

  • Common Sense

    Last week they borrowed $52,000,000,…..now they borrow $200,000 more to figure out how to spend the borrowed money……”Map out the city’s books”
    That’s called a “SpreadSheet”. Try Excel, you can get a free copy….ANY ONE that owns a business can help you out.

  • Cat

    Apparently the city’s financial advisor couldn’t do his/her job right the first time. Do they honestly think wasting….I mean paying….said individual $200K worth of taxpayer money will make a difference? How much do you want to bet the only thing they make more efficient is how they raise taxes! lol

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