Hotel Renovation Forces Restaurant to Close

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STROUDSBURG -- Usually on Main Street in Stroudsburg, you'll find people blocking the doors of Sarah's Corner Cafe and Jock n' Jill's, not a giant scaffolding.

But while renovations continue on the Pocono Inne Town Hotel, the scaffolding will be up and the doors to the both businesses will be closed at least until July.

"Well, the hotel had a structural engineer do a study and because they have to renovate a lot of the beams and support beams within the hotel itself, on the second, third and fourth floors, they deemed it unsafe to be underneath until they complete their work," said owner Barry Lynch.

Lynch says the issues were found during demolition of the inside of the hotel. He was told two weeks ago he would have to close by his landlords who own the hotel.

Lynch says he had to lay off about 30 people.

"Sadly, it's what needs to be done to end up with a product, a brand new full-service hotel in downtown Stroudsburg which will be a huge positive for the town, but it's tough to go through."

At the far end of Jock n' Jill's, there is a section out of harm's way where drinks can be served, but Lynch says it will only be open on weekends. There will be no food served until both places can reopen.

Residents understand it's a safety concern, but don't want to see either business struggle because of it.

"This is a busy place and people love to go to busy places so I don't know how they are going to feel having it closed down for a while," said Goza Onuoha, Stroudsburg.

"I am sure after three months when it reopens, people will come back. It's not like anyone who is dedicated to the place will give up after three months," said Christopher Simon, Stroudsburg.

The target date to fully re-open both businesses is July 10.