Landscapers Mow Through Bad Weather

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- There was plenty of work to do for the guys from Strauser Nature's Helpers Landscaping. It's once again the time of year to mow the lawn and whack weeds.

"We are out cutting the grass and trying to keep up on it. It's growing crazy right now and we are doing our best to keep up on it and make everything look beautiful," said Chris Miller, Strauser Nature's Helpers Landscaping.

Miller says working in May is usually comfortable, but on this May day, it was cold and the ground was still a little wet from all the rain.

"The rain is pretty challenging. When you go to cut grass, it clumps up and makes it a little harder to deal with," said Miller.

Even though the rain does put a hold on production, it does keep grass growing which keeps these guys busy all season long.

Miller says the company tends to dozens of properties all throughout the area and dealing with wacky weather is something that comes with the territory of the job.

"With the rain and all the weather we have a lot of debris and stuff that collects, so we have to take time and spend time making sure that sticks didn't fall from the week before or something didn't swamp out from the rain. But you know we just do our best to beautify the properties and so far so good," said Miller.

So far, so good for the pros, but not so much for some others who have been waiting days for a break in the weather.

Todd Britton from Stroudsburg tackles all he could in his yard.

"You get it done when you can, an hour here an hour there. It takes me about 40 minutes give or take but you know we will get her done," said Britton.