Don’t Forget The Vegetables!

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Parents will do just about anything for their kids. But a new survey shows they might be forgetting to give their children something that's vital to their well-being.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey took a closer look at this new research published in the American Academy Of Pediatrics with help from registered dietitian/author Clancy Harrison in the Dallas area.

The research suggests that "most children go days without eating any greens.  For 90 percent of kids, potatoes - in the form of french fries - are their only constant vegetable.”

Couple that with President's Trump Administration loosening certain health restrictions on next year's school lunch programs and it could make it even tougher for kids to get the vital nutrients they need.

To help make sure your youngsters are getting the right amount of vegetables, head here for Clancy's 5 creative strategies to help work veggies in at mealtime.

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The event on May 14 supports the program which empowers single mothers to receive a four-year college education.

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