Sunbury Jewelry Store Briefly Reopens

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SUNBURY -- Many people in the Sunbury area were sad when a long-time jewelry store closed more than a year ago. But now they have the chance to shop there again for a very limited time.

John Dagle Jewelers was a staple on Market Street in Sunbury for about 70 years until owners Steve and Debbie retired in 2015. So why are there customers and employees in the store almost two years later?

Steve tells Newswatch 16, they found more jewelry in their vault so John Dagle Jewelers is back for a few days.

"We decided it was time to give the opportunity to sell these things and give a great value for people to come in and get something nice," said owner Steve Dagle.

The store is open for three days to sell what it can before sending everything to its wholesale buyers.

That's good news for Marthasue Moll who picked up a present for her granddaughter.

"Blue topaz pendant because she loves blue topaz. So it was perfect I said when I saw it I had to get it."

The employees came back, too. Mary Siemsen worked at John Dagle Jewelers for more than 20 years. She came out of retirement for the store's going-out-of-business sale.

"And then they called this time and said, 'would you like to come out of retirement again and help us out?' And I said, 'sure, why not!'"

Siemsen says it's been nice seeing longtime customers and helping them pick out jewelry again.

"It's been bittersweet because a lot of the old customers have come in and it's been like old home week. Over the 21 years, you have made friends," Siemsen said.

"We've been able to talk to people a little bit. That's really the best part about it; we see a lot of our old customers," said Dagle.

John Dagle Jewelers is open for one more day -- Saturday from 10 a.m. To 3 p.m.