Good Will Hose Firefighters Go on Strike

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SUNBURY--It's not often you hear about firefighters on strike. But that is the case at one firehouse in Sunbury. The strike has some people in Sunbury concerned that no one will show up if there is a fire.

Both the mayor of Sunbury and the fire company`s president want to assure residents there will be coverage for any fires in and around Sunbury. Even so, the firefighters' strike has people worried and upset.

It is quiet outside the Good Will Hose Company in Sunbury, but the night before was a different story. After an unsuccessful meeting between firefighters and the company`s social club members, the meeting ended with the 16 firefighters on strike.

"I think it`s our only option. The city of Sunbury has nothing to worry about. You`ve got the Americus, the East Ends. They`re all a bunch of great firefighters and you`ve got nothing to worry about in this town," Captain Tim Danley said.

The social club finances the fire company, but the social club is not allowed to run without the fire company. There is an internal dispute between the two entities. The social club wants to get rid of the fire company`s president.

"As a membership we all feel he needs to step down," Nigel Correa said.

"I feel when I get up at 3 a.m. and you`re still home in bed, I feel that I`m the one with the best interest," Danley said.

"In one way or another it has to get settled for the benefit of the community," Mayor David Persing said.

Sunbury Mayor David Persing says he will meet with the fire company and the fire chief, who is in charge of all five of sunbury`s fire companies. Even so the strike has Sunbury residents concerned.

"There's a lot of people that actually need their help and in case of a fire or something, and now the trees are all down because of the storm. No, I don't appreciate it," Debra Webster said.

"Well it`s pretty bad, I think so because if we have fires," Carolyn Chamberlain said.

Even though the firefighters are going on strike, both the mayor and the firefighters want to assure the people of Sunbury there won't be a lapse in coverage.

"I want to guarantee the people in the city of Sunbury that there's protection there. Nobody's going to catch on fire and it's not like the fire trucks aren't going to show up or that type of thing," Persing said.

"You`ve got Upper Augusta coming in or they`ll call Norry. Everyone in this area, Snyder County, Northumberland, they`re all good firefighters and nobody has nothing to worry about," Danley said.

There is no word on how long the strike will last. Firefighters say the social club cannot keep its liquor license for more than 30 days without a fire company.


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    Good, go on strike. Nobody likes you guys anyways. Next story we’ll probably read about is how somebody has been stealing fire department funds. Happens every week with you volunteers.

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